At Anomaly we are unreasonable. This founding principal extends even to our celebrations. We turned our week long competitive founders day bash into an opportunity to save some critically endangered furry friends. We were gifted the team name GREEN GORILLAS and we took that and turned it into Gorillas4gorillas.com.

Copywriter/ Creator/ Gorilla Friend: Nick Rog // Jenny Webb

Art Director: Nick Rog

Dev/ Creator/ Gorilla Friend: Matthew Woodward

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 10.12.14 AM.png

In less than 24-hours a team of under five people: Bought a gorilla costume, turned a room into a “gorilla enclosure”, found a charity, made and populated a Twitter, Instagram, Email, Twitch, and a website with streaming and donation capabilities, scrounged up a mic, camera, and laptop to record it on, all while doing our actual work-work. For the next two days we always had a member of our GREEN GORILLA team in that enclosure wearing a super toxic smelling gorilla suit. We sang, danced, Mario Kart tournament-ed, tiny raved, and watched a lot of World Cup. I slept in that really tiny costume both nights. It was all worth it though, because less than 36-hours after coming up with the idea we made $1,350. It’s really cool to make something out of nothing.


Not only did we get great support in the NYC office, we were shown love from Anomaly’s other offices across the globe! LA, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Shanghai all wanted to flex their GREEN GORILLA support.


We also repurposed some Gorillaz concert posters for our mini room rave. Art Directing is hard in a gorilla costume. Who knew?


Lastly we plastered the NYC office, and social with gorilla facts. We research HARD.