Grimtwinkle the Forest Gnome Wizard [School of Illusion] played by Gareth.

Torbin Gavalle the Mountain Dwarf Paladin of the Ancients played by Andrew.

Silas the Fire Genasi Rogue played by Zac.

Cassiel Ossmith the Hexblade Warlock played by Hamilton.

SPECIAL GUEST: Kailen Treasach the Battle Master Fighter played by Jordan

Dungeon Master played by Nick Rog


Episode 3: Desperation synopsis.

As the pool reveals more dead fauna and the cloud of acrid smoke lingers overhead, the party catches their breath as they just successfully escaped certain death.

The group arrived back at the Distillery District’s watchtower where a balding halfling man with fierce black mutton chops was speaking with a strangely amplified voice to Wilko. He oddly paid no mind to the fact that he seemed to be glowing, ringing, blurry all at once. He was loudly explaining that his potions have had no effect on this sickness.

Before the crew can try and solve the issue that is the dragon and the BBEG the town must be cured. People are wasting away while their gums turned black, and their skin was starting to turn a sickly shade of green. The elderly and the sick were dying off, and even the healthier ones had little time.

The Halfling’s name was Risky Randy and he is the owner of the potion shop aptly named Risky Randy’s.

Randy knew of Unicorn couple in The Shimmering Rainforest because he had received ingredients from them in the past. He suspected that the party would be able to find a cure for the sickness ravaging the town. The Unicorns were not easy to find but Randy had a crude map [literally. Not only is it poorly made by is covered with drawings of genitalia] of the forest at his store.

Randy alerts the party about the weirdness of the forest and how the barrier between the Feywild and the Material Plane is thin there. He let the party know that in the past when he had done a good thing for the forest the Unicorns showed themselves to him.

Randy decided to help the group and let them borrow the map, and get a potion for free. Randy also asked if they can collect ferns that grow on the roofs of the treehouse’s in The Shimmering Rainforest for which he will pay them 50 GP a plant.

The crew realizes that most of them [other than Torbin] have been affected by the wasting sickness that the rest of the city is. Now it’s personal.

The party quickly left the city and headed south to The Shimmering Rainforest where they were greeted unsurprisingly, with rain. They decided the safest way to travel was with the river to their southwest and the forest to their northeast.

The entered the forest at a place they deemed close to where the unicorns were last seen according to Randy’s map. Instead of unicorns, they found a HUGE Construct half buried in the earth seemingly forgotten in the forest. They investigated but couldn’t makes head or tails of it.

They followed a set of webbed footprints to their first treehouse sighting. After some trepidation, they entered to find a Water Genasi Druid named Affria. They told her about the trouble that Acelea was going through.

Affria was alerted of some trouble going on in the wood by a golden eagle who visited her treehouse. She suggested that it would help the forest and thus help the group if they took care of the trouble. She tells them to follow the purple moss to the Domed Greenhouse where the trouble was.

The group ends up getting lost until a familiar eagle guides them to where they need to go.

They come upon a clearing where they saw a group of cloaked figures chanting over another. With no question, they attacked the group. It took some doing but they eventually slew the group.

They found that the cultists had a 6-fingered hand pendent on all of their necks. As well as a goblin which had a note and a set of handcuffs that a local blacksmith had lost. The session ended with the group reviving Grimtwinkle and finding a directional signpost.