Grimtwinkle the Forest Gnome Wizard [School of Illusion] played by Gareth.

Torbin Gavalle the Mountain Dwarf Paladin of the Ancients played by Andrew.

Silas the Fire Genasi Rogue played by Zac.

Cassiel Ossmith the Hexblade Warlock played by Hamilton.

SPECIAL GUEST: Kailen Treasach the Battle Master Fighter played by Jordan

Dungeon Master played by Nick Rog


Chapter 2: Down with the Sickness synopsis:

We open on the gang about to crash into a circular room ahead of them. Before anything can happen, a giant portal opens in the sky above the party bathing the pitch black tunnel in bright white light. A giant hand came out and plucked Cassiel from the tunnel. A quick save, failed by most made everyone in the party scream in terror, leaving them without their new Warlock friend.

Gathering themselves and cursing each other for making too much noise they looked into the room ahead:

A circular room with four shapes skittering around the gangway perched above the slanted floor. A fifth shape flapped lazily over the room holding a torch. A humanoid figure hung hogtied from the ceiling dangling like a gruesome piñata. He seemed to be conscious and struggling as Kobolds screamed and cackled at him all while throwing rocks and garbage at him that fell and slid into a small pit below him. A thrashing sound came from the pit.

Silas charged into battle and the others followed. Knocker, [Grimtwinkle’s dead woodpecker familiar] pecked through the bonds holding the human up [Kailen], who immediately fell into the hole.

After a lot of fire starting and missed spells the gang dispatched the Kobold gang, and saved their new human friend Kailen, who once untied fought valiantly.

After collecting themselves they found another hall blocked by roots which they hacked through where they saw a treasure chest on the floor. After a few checks they suspected something was inside but opened it anyway. Torbin was now swarming with centipedes. They bit him a few times until he ran back to the circular room and dove into the water.

He was quickly rescued but came up covered in a thin layer of caustic smelling mucus. Not being able to ascertain what it was that gathered Kailen’s things [Which were in the chest under the centipedes] and continued on.

They group quickly moved to the next room.

The door behind them slammed shut behind them as they entered.

They saw a well with a button inside surrounded by water like a moat. Around the interior edge of the well are carvings of weapons. The water shimmered strangely around the button which had an imprint of a reptilian hand. Above the door were 21 symbols arranged in a spiral pattern. These were the draconic numbers starting at 20 and going to 0.

As they pressed the button Torbin’s weapon began to glow and the symbols over the door illuminated and began to “count down”. Every time the button was pressed after the first, the countdown starts over and another weapon glows.

When pressed the numbers began to glow blue, 20...19….18.

Red: 12- 6

Orange: 6-3

Blinking red, and lights illuminating the room are off 3...2...1

They were in this room for probably 15 minutes real time. Never letting the clock reach 0. They finally bit the bullet and let it happen.

Both doors slid open and their weapons all retained their magical feel.

They continued on down a tight dark hallway. The dungeon got more and more rough and unfinished feeling.

As they reach the end of the tunnel they heard Kobold voices talking in Draconic again. They peeked their heads around the corner and saw:

A room littered with gold, gems, household heirlooms, and treasure. The mound lied just beyond a greenish pool of water about 60 feet away. The room smelled of acid, five kobolds were talking in the room, one sitting in a divot in the gold made to look like a throne. He wore a crown far too large for his head that hung lazily on his horns.

The group took advantage of the unsuspecting Kobolds and attacked! Things went ok until Torbin fell. Silas bravely ran to grab a healing potion he spotted in the treasure, and in a very un-Silas move he left the treasure behind.

After reviving Torbin there was one kobold left.

This is when the pools in the room began to bubble violently and to the groups horror a Black Dragon emerged from the pool towering over the party and the remaining kobold.

The group knew this was certain death and were about to run when:

A portal opened and the room was blasted with heat and flooded with red light as a cloaked figure stepped from it. Lit only from the back, the first thing they noticed was a large sword on the his belt. It glowed blue and dripped a blue lava like substance that hissed as it slapped the wet stone below. They then noticed a gnarled stump of a hand. The man reached the stump of an arm to the dragon and dragged it across its head.

The dragon let loose a deafening roar that made rocks shake from the ceiling and plunge into the acid pool.

“Now you serve him. Do his bidding.”

As he said this he stepped back into the portal, not even acknowledging the party as it zipped shut behind him.

The dragon began to flex and transform, a large frill grew from its lower jaw and its color turned to a sickly green. It coughed as boils sprung up and burst all over its tough skin. Its eyes turned black and dead.

It looked to the party as it dragged its full form out of the pool and shrieked:


And like the sound of something under pressure being punctured, it breathed its hot acrid breath onto the party.

The party all failed their saves and took CON and WIS damage.

As the room around them began to collapse, this is when they ran. The last thing they saw was the Dragon snap up the last Kobold and dive into the pool.

After a close skill challenge, they party just escaped from the dungeon, but that unfortunately was just the beginning.

They emerged from the sewer to an Acelea that had changed. A green haze hung above their heads, blocking out the sun. Guards were running around trying to calm the chaos that had ensued in the town. Groups of people were being ushered out of the city as the alarm bell rung. They saw that the pool, once the jewel of the city was slicked with green sludge and animals of all sizes were bobbing belly up in it.