Grimtwinkle the Forest Gnome Wizard [School of Illusion] played by Gareth.

Torbin Gavalle the Mountain Dwarf Paladin of the Ancients played by Andrew.

Silas the Fire Genasi Rogue played by Zac.

Cassiel Ossmith the Hexblade Warlock played by Hamilton.

SPECIAL GUEST: Kailen Treasach the Battle Master Fighter played by Jordan

Dungeon Master played by Nick Rog



  • Found another new friend in a massive Kobold battle chamber

  • Entered a magic puzzle chamber that enchanted their weapons

  • Found a room FULL of gold and treasure, fought boss Kobolds

  • A Black Dragon, appeared from the water

  • A man came from another plane and transformed the the black dragon into a sickly green one.

  • The group just escaped as the caves collapsed and the Dragon flew away.

  • The town is now suffering from a sickness caused by the dragon.