Grimtwinkle the Forest Gnome Wizard [School of Illusion] played by Gareth.

Karadin Forgeheart the Hill Dwarf Forge Cleric played by Hamilton.

Torbin Gavalle the Mountain Dwarf Paladin of the Ancients played by Andrew.

Silas the Fire Genasi Rogue played by Zac.

Introducing: Cassiel Ossmith the Hexblade Warlock played by Hamilton.

The Dungeon Master is Nick Rog


CHAPTER 1 Synopsis:

Crime is afoot in Acelea. Tipsy Trixie’s mead has been poisoned, piles of dirt are popping up everywhere, and the sewer beneath the city is seemingly clogged.

The gang soon to be dubbed “Seal Team Silas” was offered a job by the Captain of the Distillery District guard, Wilko Markkanen. Their mission was: find out what is going on in the sewers under the capital and deal with it. The reward for this will be gold and more importantly citizenship.

After being led to the sewers the crew clambered down to find the sewer walls have been punctured and a new path had been carved. After some delicate smashing by Torbin and Karadin they got in. A set of stairs led them down to a room filled with shelves holding vases, a single golden vase perched on a pedestal in the center of the room.

Silas did a Rogue thing and took the vase, which in turn released a pressure plate that made all of the other vases crash to the ground. Their stealth had been eliminated and for the first time, they went face to face with their unknown enemy. Seven Kobolds poured through a small opening in the vines in the far side of the room. ROLL INITIATIVE!

The crew quickly dispatched the Kobolds and Karadin gruesomely lined up the bodies as a warning to the others. They then hacked into the vines to cut a hole big enough for the gang to squeeze through and soldered on to a landing with a staircase leading down even further.

The stairs ended at a T formation and Karadin and Torbin decided to go forth and investigate. As soon as they proceeded they stepped on a pressure plate which slammed a portcullis closed, dividing the party. To the left, they saw a lever, and to the right they saw a skeleton floating ominously towards them. Thinking quickly Karadin pulled the lever thinking it would open the door, TRAP! Instead of opening the door it took the floor from under him and he fell into a spike trap 10 feet below. Simultaneously Torbin quickly found out that it was not undead floating towards him, but a Gelatinous Cube with its last meal inside it. Torbin was quickly enveloped by the cube and chaos ensued. Torbin ended up escaping from the cube just before it plopped into the hole that Karadin was trapped in. Karadin was now trapped and taking massive amounts of acid damage. By the time the portcullis was opened the gang could fight the cube together Karadin had failed his last death save, and was consumed by the cube. We lost our first party member. They dispatched the cube and collected the bones of their fallen comrade, and returned to the surface defeated.

Back at the watchtower the group ran into an imposing figure chatting with the Watch Captain, they find out this man’s name is Cassiel Ossmith [Hamilton’s new character], and they persuaded him to help in their quest. After returning to the sewers after a long rest, the crew again sets off the Kobold trap, this time to no Kobolds. They go through the Cubes hallway to a new group of vines that are blocking their way forward. They hack those away and continue. We end the session with the group sneaking down a hallway to the sound of a ruckus in the room ahead.